I just want to write for a minute. By now, it’s been national news. By now it’s also probably almost forgotten outside of New Orleans. After all, we are a violent city. We get what we deserve. They say. A quick recap for those of you who don’t know. As usual, there was a second […]

Yes. Ten years. Some buildings are still in a state of limbo. I don’t know everybody’s story. I can’t possibly know. But, when I stumble across a house that I can actually enter without breaking into it, I like to explore. Even though it’s pretty obvious what I’m looking at, often I don’t know why I’m looking […]

I’ve been complaining about the never-ending media coverage of the Tenth Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Sometimes seeing all of this coverage reminds of me things I should photograph. That’s a good thing. The Guardian, based in the United Kingdom did that yesterday. I’d forgotten about the Musicians Village. On the other hand, I about choked […]

Well. Not really. Although it looks like some Martian creature walking down the road, it is really the St. Claude Avenue Bridge. It is the gateway from the rest of New Orleans, especially The Upper Ninth Ward and The Bywater, to The Lower Ninth Ward. I’d like to call it a draw bridge. But, it […]