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Something Found

Looking at old brick buildings.

I needed a break. From the never-ending news cycles.


I rooted around in my archives an found a picture that I made of an old brick warehouse. The original file was nice and clean. I left it that way. I made a copy and proceeded to tinker with it. I eventually got to this version.

I made the original picture a couple of years ago.

Unless, I’m mistaken the building has been renovated, gentrified and cleaned up. It might even be overpriced condos. A lot of industrial buildings along the river have been torn down or gentrified.

The good news about gentrification of these old places is two-fold. One, you have a building brought back to life. And two, allied businesses like grocery stores spring up around these neighborhoods in what was previously described as a food desert. On the other hand, downriver neighborhoods are gentrified to a point usually don’t have new business spring up around them. Something about a lack of population density. They say.

The picture. It’s a few years old. The new post work was completed this morning. It makes an old abandoned building look sort of magical.


Flowers for Manchester. 


For the City of Manchester, Ariana Grande, her band, crew and staff. And, of course her fans and their parents. For the first responders. For all of England. For the rest of the world. And, for you. And, me.

There will be millions of words written about the bombing at the arena in Manchester that took the lives of 22 people, and wounded just under 60. The world doesn’t need many more words from me.


I have no words.

Except for just these few. Don’t be denied. The work is the prayer. And, prayer without work is meaningless. Take all of that as you will.


Late Spring Storms

Spring storms.

If the you live in the middle regions of the country, you sort of get used to seeing this kind of weather. Rough weather. Powerful weather. Destructive weather.

I’ve long said that man can never defeat Mother Nature. Sure. We can hold her back for a while. But, at the end of the day, whether it is by something big and powerful, or by the constant erosion of something that gets in her way. Mother Nature always wins. She seeks and receives stasis.

The picture. More-or-less, just point and shoot. See it. Photograph it. A little fine tuning, mostly so that I could show it to you and that’s it. Ma Nature took care of the rest.

Big Pink

The pink building on the corner.

I couldn’t resist.

Even though the building is bright — sort of Pepto Bismol — pink, which contrasted nicely against last Sunday’s blue sky, I just had to mess with it.

I have no idea why anybody would paint a building this color. It is for sale. Maybe it was done to attract passersby attention. It worked. It caught my attention. But, I was walking through the neighborhood on my way back to the car after photographing the second line.

I was tired. The weather was hot and a little humid so I didn’t spend much time making the original image. This may be another place to which I should return. We’ll see. I now have four locations on my list. Even though this picture could have been a bit boring processed straight, I was able to mess around in post production. And, turn the picture into something else.

I’m not quite sure what to think of my effort. I may have failed. No problem. That’s how you learn.

The picture. The building is located on the same street as yesterday’s picture. Maybe some owners like bright color as much as I do. These colors wouldn’t have appeared back in history, but bright color was the rage in the Victorian era. Many houses were painted in four or five different and contrasting colors.

Oh yeah.

The one thing that I didn’t notice when I took the picture is the house next to it on the right. It’s pink too. I didn’t drag color back there.

Maybe the owners are one in the same. Maybe they got a deal on Pepto Bismol pink paint.


You Just Never Know

Morning flowers.

One Sunday morning. After the second line. Walking back to my car.

You just never know what you are going to find along the way. In this neighborhood, many of the houses have been repaired. But, just. They are functional houses that were brought back after the storm. Some are still boarded up. Waiting for their occupants to return.

And, then.

There’s this house. What can I say? It’s bright. Colorful. It might me smile. I made a few pictures. I promised myself that I would return to explore a little more.


You know what?

I’ll never make this picture again. Can you see why? If truth be told, I didn’t see it when I took the picture. But, I have a little defense. I was working from the LCD. With the bright sunlight I really couldn’t see much detail.

Just look at those windows. Those reflected clouds complete the picture. They make it different from anything I could produce later. Who knows? Probably I could make a better picture. Maybe not. But, it won’t be this one. And, these days that’s a rare thing.


The Second Line

Coming out.


There you go.

The Original 7 Junior Steppers second line and Mother’s Day parade. In all its glory. In all the joy. In all the celebration.

I don’t know exactly what more to say. Maybe, just to say that we won’t be denied. No matter what happens, we’ll still come out. And, I hope that y’all see what I felt on that Sunday.

The pictures. Oh. You know. F 8 and be there. Or, something like that. The rest is just photographer’s luck. Or, instinct to be in the right place at the right time.

Greeting the second liners.

A Portrait on the Steps

Waiting to start.

We all wait.

For something. A grocery line. A toll bridge line. A venue line. On Sunday — any Sunday — we wait for the second line to begin. Everybody waits while the hosting club gets ready to make their very grand entrance. It’s a tradition. For everybody. It’s a time to hang out and talk to people you know. And, meet some folks who you didn’t know.

I saw this young woman leaning against a supporting pole and thought that she might make a nice picture. I waited until the background was fairly clean. That took some patience because the door to the house in which everybody was getting ready is right behind her.

I made about five or six quick exposures and I was done. I showed her the pictures on my camera and gave her my business card. She smiled and told me that she knew I was taking her picture. She thought that I wanted her just as she was, so she waited. Talk about communicating with a subject without saying a word.

Tomorrow. Second line pictures. The actual event. I promise. But, I have been liking the work on the edges so much that I thought I would share it with you first.

The picture. A little post production to help you see what I felt. She’s young and at the age of little skin blemishes. I fixed those. I made her glow just slightly. When she emails and asks for a couple of pictures, I’d like her to be proud of them.