After dark.

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Way Behind The Sun

I t seems that this is one of those days. Mondays are like that. I start on the solvable issues and move to the fun stuff like writing this blog. I keep reading to, and talking to some bloggers who just have a terrible time doing this. Off the top of my head I’d say […]

Believe in Life

W ell, I thought yesterday’s post would draw some kind of reaction. And yet, crickets. It tells me something. Languishing for the better of two years, I’m not sure there is much motivation to do anything. For everyone. I’ve been productive in my “other” career mostly because there are deadlines. I am deadline oriented. 50 […]

Thinking of a Place

T his is a bit of an email I wrote to a friend of mine; I’m not sure why, but I needed to tell these stories. I’ll tell them to you. We are in Cobble Hill. Brooklyn. The home of my home. I took both of my traveling partners to my old neighborhood. I showed […]