New Orleans

New Orleans. Louisiana. At dusk. On a very hot rainy and humid evening. I know what you’re thinking. If it’s raining, why isn’t the highway wet? Good question. Simple answer. What falls down, must go up. We’d have rain. Heat. Humidity. The streets would dry out. Causing more humidity. At a certain point, rain falls again. Then…Continue reading “New Orleans”

Lists. 2014.

Lists. I may just be more aware of it this year. It seems that just about everybody is publishing a “Best of 2014” list. It could be anything. In fact, it is anything. Music. Movies. Books. Travel destinations. Bucket lists. Restaurants. Recipes. You name it and somebody has a best of list. That’s cool. ForContinue reading “Lists. 2014.”

Bourbon and Baby Food

Well. The title has nothing to do with the post. I just thought it was sort of funny. We heard it while we were making groceries. When we looked at the speaker’s basket, that’s what he had. A fifth of bourbon and about a dozen bottles of baby food. It could be that one thingContinue reading “Bourbon and Baby Food”

On The Way Home

After working for a couple of hours on Algiers Point it was time to go home. I felt photographically fulfilled. That’s pretty much the whole point, isn’t it? Since the golden light seemed to just crash into the ground, we left the Westbank before darkness actually arrived. As usual, I propped the camera on theContinue reading “On The Way Home”

New Orleans

After a couple of winter-like days, we’ve warmed up a bit. Well, a lot. Today, the high temperature was around 82 degrees. With that, we’ve had a lot of low winter light along with a lot of fast-moving clouds.  So. I did the only thing that I could do. I took advantage of it andContinue reading “New Orleans”

New Orleans Skyline

See? See how the light changes, minute-by-minute? I made this picture a couple of weeks ago, on the night when I was chasing the Super Moon. If you recall, the pictures that I published then where of just about this same location. But, they were much brighter and much more brightly colored. They were aContinue reading “New Orleans Skyline”

Algiers Ferry

So. This is about the last of the work from that wonderful night. This is the ferry at Algiers Point. This one doesn’t go to New Orleans. Instead, this one goes to Chalmette. Actually, it really docks just down river at the battlefield and military cemetery. You know. That battlefield. The one where the BattleContinue reading “Algiers Ferry”

One of My Favorite Places

This is one of my favorite houses in the entire city of New Orleans. It’s not very big. It was flooded once. I have no idea what it looks like on the inside. It is colorful. It does have a great garden. But, what it really has is an amazing lawn and view. You see,Continue reading “One of My Favorite Places”

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