I did the right thing. With all of the Hurricane Katrina memorial events taking place all over New Orleans on Saturday, I decided to photograph one. Just one. And, to do the very best job that I could. After talking to a few of my friends and seeing others’ posts on various social media, I’m convinced […]

As you are well aware. Today is a very solemn day. A day of reflection. A day of remembrance. A day of prayer. 911. A day we’ll never forget.  The beginning of something that won’t end very soon. There are a lot of Facebook posts about it. Many, many tweets. That’s all good. I started […]

I didn’t make this picture. I don’t often post others images on this blog, but the image is very, very strong. USMC 1st Marine Division combat photographer Cpl. William Salazar from Las Vegas, Nevada, did. It was made in Anbar Province on October 15, 2004. It says about all you need to know about Memorial Day […]