Color of the Sun

Relaxation. For most of us the water does it. We get heated up in the sunlight, cool off with a dip in the pool. And, if you are smart you just let yourself float and drift around like this guy. I’ve seen him in the past. I waited and watched, I showed some restraint andContinue reading “Color of the Sun”


I hesitated to post this picture. Because? We are Katrina evacuees and survivors. We know what it is like to be horribly hurt by a big storm. We lost cars. A house. Out buildings. A lot of furniture. And, keepsakes. Somehow I became the keeper of my maternal grandmother’s bible. It survived being brought toContinue reading “Remains”

More Water

Summertime. Sometimes, the living is easy. This was one of those times. I was sitting by a pool when the clouds started dancing around as a seasonal storm was getting ready to pass through. I couldn’t even see to focus because the light was so strong. I just pointed my smart phone, hoped for theContinue reading “More Water”

Spring Series

I see pictures everywhere. I make a lot of pictures when I’m walking the dog who sees things, or any of the others. The difference between walking them is simple. She’s used to stopping while I make a picture. The others aren’t. We have about five general routes that we take. Sometimes, we take aContinue reading “Spring Series”

A Change in the Weather

The time changed. So did the subject matter. Even while I was working on Mardi Gras, I had to walk the dogs. Especially the dog who sees stuff. That meant I kept making pictures around our walks. Winter changed to spring. The flowers began to really bloom. The trees began to grow new leaves andContinue reading “A Change in the Weather”

Round and Round

I was walking by a pool. Things were floating around. Sort of peacefully. Circles protecting floating leaves. It felt good. So I pictured it. Then I developed it. I post produced it. I cropped it. And, this final picture appeared. It suits me for today. Only two more days. Back to it. About yesterday’s post.Continue reading “Round and Round”

A Collection

Pooled water. I ran about 123 errands. I returned just in time to avoid the rain drops. Two hours later, everything was soaked. I took dogarito for a late afternoon walk. I looked around. Everything is growing like mad. Meanwhile. Reports from around the country tell me that places are just burning up, either literallyContinue reading “A Collection”


The picture really isn’t about the pool. Or, the water. Or, even the leaves. It’s about the shapes and the color. It’s also about what I did in post production. Debra at found my cropping interesting. So, I thought that I’d talk about it. A little. When I was a young photographer, back about 150 yearsContinue reading “Sinking”

Friday Falling

Sometimes. It’s just better to sit with it. Whatever it is. Like all the events of this past week. Past week. Time to rest. Time to reset. Then come back renewed. Happy Friday. Or Saturday. Wherever you may be. The picture. Leaves floating in the pool. With a little manipulation. Well. Okay. A lot  Continue reading “Friday Falling”


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