Ever wonder why your phone service is so bad? Even your local cell service? Ask AT&T.  I was out walking. I’ve been seeing this cluster for a while. I decided to take a few snaps. Since I’m feeling a little salty today, I thought that I’d share one with you. This is a cluster of […]

Pipes. Water pipes. Replacements meant for a lawn sprinkler system. You wouldn’t think people in New Orleans would need it. Sometimes we do. It isn’t just for keeping the lawn green. For some folks a manicured lawn is important. Not for all of us. Sprinkler systems really help when we’ve gone more than a week […]

There are days when I’m a little tired of being in the heat — which is seemingly everywhere these days — or traveling, and I just want to hide out somewhere. It’s on those days when I start looking in drawers and closets for something to photograph. This is a picture of my dad’s old […]