he edge of town. No darkness here. Just raw, bright New Mexican light.

This is where Route 66 sort of comes to an end. It’s about as far west in Albuquerque as you can go, without leaving the city line.

I think that these ruins, probably once a gas station and cafe, were caused by the move to Interstate 40, which is south of here. Motorists just didn’t drive though here as much and locals wouldn’t stop here since this is very close to modern gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores.

I’d have probably never run into this place if I hadn’t been roaming around looking for PAD images. But I cruised far and wide.

I went further west than this place, to where the casino and the remains of route 66 re-emerge at a rickety old bridge. I went east out past Moriarity, where the junkyard and car museum is located. I went south as far as Las Lunas and north as far as the San Felipe Pueblo where I made two signature images.

I travelled as much as I could on surface streets. Interstates are not the way to go when you are looking for pictures.

I met great people along the way and some not so great people. I remember going into a small town grocery store about the size of a 7-11. I asked to use the restroom. “You hafta buy something.” “Okay I’ll take these two waters.” “That’s not enough.” “Okay, you’ll lose the sale and I’ll go pee on your driveway.”

I bought the water and used the restroom.


ore technical nonsense that I don’t want to deal with.

It seems that WordPress continues to make changes. At least some of the stuff works that didn’t work.

Of course, WordPress didn’t say a word, meaning that I caused myself all sort of problems doing an unneeded work around.


This picture was easy to make. Just shoot almost directly into the sun and pray.

If you expose the bright light properly the buildings will be silhouetted, which is what I wanted.

I added some faux bokeh and stuff, actually to tune down the electric color on the tumbleweeds in the background. The color was real but my eyeballs vibrated.

At least I’m having fun with color drop caps. What a day.

NOLA 8 May-6
Southern Summer

I tried all last summer to make around ten pictures that spoke to summer. I think that I made one or two pictures that came close. But, even those two really didn’t do it for me. Besides, ten good pictures in four months or so is a lot. Ansel Adams used to be happy if he made ten good pictures in a year. But, his equipment was much heavier than mine.

So, what happens? I was out earlier this week in an area of The Lower Ninth Ward called Holy Cross after the church and school that used to be located there. The buildings are still there but the people moved after the storm. I was headed to a part of the levee where I could photograph New Orleans from a very different angle. As I was driving there, I saw this picture. It’s pretty much what I was looking for, but never found, last summer. Yeah. Yeah. I know it’s still Spring. But, this picture captures it for me. Late afternoon sun. Lone bicycle riding kid. Funky New Orleans houses.

The picture. Here I go again. Another drive by. But, this one was made out of a need for expedience. I did not have the time to stop, get out of the car and make the picture. I would have lost the bike rider. So, I just kept driving and shot through the windshield. Yes. I managed to stop at the stop sign. Luckily, the kid on the bike rode into to a bright, sunlit spot on the street or this picture would not have worked. By the way, that green wall in the far background is the levee.