Trumpet player at rest.


his is another of those “found” pictures. I know where I made it. I have no idea why I did. Now that I see it, I like it.

Maybe , it’s incompetence.

Maybe I’m just as incompetent as the next guy. I’m starting to think that anything good that I’ve ever done was just luck.

Or, it come be two other issues. Maybe I just wasn’t meant for these times. Or, maybe people who make things just don’t think.

It started last night. I wan’t to “get” an app on my Apple smartphone. I found it. I was ready to download. But, first I had to hit this little bitty side tab twice. I tried every which way. I even just held my finger there and moved it up and down.

No joy.

I gave up. This stuff is supposed to make it easier, not harder.

Then, comes this computer that I’m working on as I write to you. First, it was mud slow. I rebooted it. That sped it up.

That was yesterday. Today, most of the apps wouldn’t open. Reboot again. Finally. Stuff works.

So. You get to look at a photograph.


here is a problem in this picture that I can’t seem to repair.

See that arm?

The color of the entire arm is the lightest brown, Look at the hand and the forearm. This guy must have been working on a car before he went to the second line.

I doubt that he was, but look at him.

I thought I had moved the color closer together in OnOne, But, when the picture arrived here, the darkened color returned.

My only theory is that whenWordpress did it’s final compression the mid tones were removed leaving only the dark tones.

This usually happens in light colors, but as I said on the other side, I wasn’t meant for these times.

It’s all the same.

I met this guy on the way to somewhere else. That’s when the best pictures happen.

I was walking to the second line in Central City. I parked a few blocks away. A little distance is important so I could make a quick getaway. That is, if I want to jump to another location. I’m not fast enough anymore to cut through the streets on foot and get ahead of it.

He was sitting on a little stoop in front of a battered old house. He saw the cameras on my shoulder. He called me over. He wanted me to take his picture. So I did. He wanted something in return. I know the drill. I gave him a couple of bucks (that pro tip thing). He stuck the dollar bills in his mouth. I don’t know why. I took another picture.

Which brings me to the picture.

I sort of overlooked it at first. I looked at it again. The color wasn’t working. I converted it to black and white. Then it worked. This might be my best picture of the year. Ten months into the year and I finally made a picture.

Imagine that.

Parts is parts.
Parts is parts.

Hands. Body parts. Pieces

I’d like to call this sculpture, but it’s really just a kind of mannequin. Really, a group of them. That I found somewhere. The original picture was kind of boring. It was well lighted. But boring. Then, I got to it. I tinkered around. And, boom, like that. It came to me.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos that are warm toned and sort of mysterious. I suppose that one thing leads to another. One thing influences the other. And, the next thing you know…

And so it’s time to move on from The Christmas Series. This may only be a short bridge series until the New Year. We’ll see. This year has been one of a lot of miles. A lot of different places. A lot of new things. So, I thought I’d do a little travel thing. Not so much about the place. Instead, about the act of traveling. Getting there. So. I thought I’d start with any easy one. When I’d come home for a few weeks, I’d rip around Southeast Louisiana making pictures for this blog. My real road pictures were already spoken for. Sorry. You’ll see some of them eventually. So, I’d shoot “Picture A Day” pictures, for that project. Christmas pictures for that just ended project. Or, I’d get into Central City and work a bit on that. But, I had to get there somehow. That’s what these next few pictures are about. Driving. Walking. Flying. Training. Whatever it takes.

This picture. Every time that I publish something like this I get scolded. Don’t drive and shoot. Well, if the bad guys do it, so can I. At least I’m not spewing bullets at somebody. My drive-bys are somewhat safe. And, actually my hands don’t leave the steering wheel. Usually. Even this picture looks more dangerous than it really is. I’m justing point the camera at the rear view mirror. I’m not even looking at the subject. I’m look down road. That’s why there is so much camera in the picture. I’d love to say this picture was F something and be there. But, it’s not even that. I set the camera to auto and pointed it at something. Not the best way to make a picture. But sometimes it works. Like this one. It’s actually kind of a favorite of mine. It speaks to me. And for me. Driving in My Car

Every now and then I walk along Magazine Street in New Orleans just to see what I can see. Old businesses close. New business pop up in their place. Window displays change. Locals and tourists mix together. So. Yesterday was no different. While it the street seems the same, things always change. I suppose that’s true anywhere. I found this little display in a window. The white hand in the middle of the red and black caught my eye. There almost seems to be a little mystery to it.

Red for sale.

I never thought that I would say this, but for the month of April I made too many pictures. As I was starting to “curate” — old guys like me call it edit — my April picture a day project, I realized that I made way more images than I needed for the 30 day month. Of course, this came from assignments, commissions and a very few stock productions as well as a few days when I actually made an image specifically for the PAD project.

For those of you who are new to following Storyteller. I started shooting a picture a day four years ago. Every time that I reach a year anniversary I think to myself, “that’s it, I’m done.” A week or so passes and I start getting a bit nervous. Then I start looking for something like a birthday, or beginning of a new month, or anything that I think would be a good starting time and off I go again. I took about a

five-week break between last years PAD project, which ended on my birthday. and this years project which began on New Year Day.

And, so it goes.

For yesterday’s post, I offered up some Hong Kong images that were pretty much general views of the city that were photographed in my style. I wrote that I would show you a little different, more local, view of the city today.

So here it is.

Six images that are what I call “little pictures.”  If I haven’t been to a place in a long time, or ever, it usually takes me a few days before I start seeing scenes like these. I have to first pick the so-called low hanging fruit. Then, I settle in and start seeing little moments, details, patterns and shapes of what could be called every day life. Normally, we walk by these things in the course of our own daily lives. We are busy. We are in a hurry. Or, we have tunnel vision because we might be looking for one particular destination. Our eyes and senses aren’t very open. For me, the enlightenment of really seeing in a far away place comes after a few days. It comes after I’ve settled into the rhythms of local life. I start making pictures from the inside  out and amazingly — or not — pictures start showing up everywhere. Sometimes, the pictures are more about me than the place.