Fly Me to the Moon

Moonrise over New Orleans. I wasn’t going to publish this picture yet, but a friend of mine posted a moonrise over the Long Island Sound, so I thought I’d better do this today. Moons seem to have a lot to do with 2021. If you believe in such things, we are entering the Age ofContinue reading “Fly Me to the Moon”

It Takes You There

Around dusk. Dusk. Purple skies for which to be grateful. The picture doesn’t exactly look like clouds, but trust me, they are. I was out walking, I wasn’t doing too much talking, when I looked up and saw this. Whew. Nature outdid herself, I thought. I went on a fool’s mission of trying not toContinue reading “It Takes You There”

A Cloud

A single cloud. With the face of a dog. Drifting in the early evening. As a prelude. To the storm to come. There are two. The big one, that I mentioned yesterday. And, the little one, which arrived in the early morning. Within three hours it managed to dump nine inches of rain in ourContinue reading “A Cloud”

A Summer’s Evening

Southern Nights. That’s a song written by the late, great Allen Toussaint. In the live version of the song, he talks through a very long opening about what nights like the one in this picture meant to him. After a week like we just had, looking up and seeing this meant the world. To me.Continue reading “A Summer’s Evening”

Plus One.

Yes. I’m still doing the Halloween thing. I’ll work a good part of the evening tonight and again tomorrow night on all things seasonal. But, I was sort of boring myself with spooky stuff. I can just imagine how you feel. So, I thought how about a seasonal picture of a different sort? I saw thisContinue reading “Plus One.”

On The Way Home

After working for a couple of hours on Algiers Point it was time to go home. I felt photographically fulfilled. That’s pretty much the whole point, isn’t it? Since the golden light seemed to just crash into the ground, we left the Westbank before darkness actually arrived. As usual, I propped the camera on theContinue reading “On The Way Home”

Christmas Eve

I did the very thing I hoped not to do. But between last night’s trip upriver and today’s Christmas events, I have a suffered a relapse. A bad one. But, since I’m a generous guy, I shared. Now pretty much everybody has it in varying degrees. Luckily, one of our newest visitors is a retiredContinue reading “Christmas Eve”

A Little Bit Magical

I’ve always considered The St. Louis Cathedral to be dead center in New Orleans. I don’t mean that geographically. Nor, do I mean it historically. There are probably places that are really the center of both of those attributes. It is just the heart of things. It’s the biggest tourist attraction in The French Quarter.Continue reading “A Little Bit Magical”

A Young Girls Eyes

After I started thinking about it, I realized a pretty steady diet of photographing broken stuff was getting a little depressing. Not being one to wallow in that, I made a change. I realized that we hadn’t been to The French Quarter in quite a while. So, even though it was Saturday night, that’s whereContinue reading “A Young Girls Eyes”

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