A little help with their friends. I have to laugh. Look at the two people in front. Look where the woman has her hand. I don’t know about you, but my head as never been used for a hand rest. I guess the guy doesn’t care. And, everybody is having fun. I made many pictures […]

The street. A place that I enjoy working. I like to make pictures that are a slice of time. Photographs that are a glance. On the street. Pictures that are an image of an idea. Pictures that take you there. Pictures that let you feel. Pictures from the inside. Pictures that are from my insides. […]

A hard picture to make. And, a very lucky one. Sometimes I like to shoot into the crowd. Wait, wait. That’s not what I meant. I’m not that guy. The crazy guy. With too many guns. Let’s try this. Sometimes I like to photograph into the crowd. There. That’s better. I like to do that […]

Where’s Waldo, indeed. As you know, I’ve been skulking around my archives since I can’t really moved about at will. I found this picture. I made it back around a hundred years ago. Or, 2014. It says a lot about New Orleans. Because. This a second line that is so closely packed that it looks as […]

Brass Bands and me. You know me. I like brass bands. I like them best when they are chaotic. When they are working in the street. When they are surrounded by a crowd. You also know that I like to layer my pictures so that you get some sense of the scale and depth. I was […]

Getting schooled on the street. Tour groups. In The French Quarter. Some are historical. Some are architectural. Some are spooky. Some are musical. A lot of them are just a long walk with a group of random people. Because. Although most of the tour guides are licensed, they don’t all know their stuff. I’ve heard historical […]

A visit to my vault. I’m a little jammed up so I thought I might show you a few pictures from the past. I came to this picture because I was looking for an image for another project. You know how it goes. I don’t care how well your back-end systems are organized with key […]