This picture was made in a very funky and pretty run down coffee house. One of these guys was showing the other guy his guitar, when the guy who was looking at the guitar just started playing it. No amps. No other musicians. Just him and his guitar. The phrase “rock star” has come into […]

As much as I enjoy music in all its forms, I’ve always been intrigued by musicians not playing. Back stage areas, rehearsals, hotel rooms, pre-performance rituals… those sorts of things. Obviously, there might not be much to hear. But, there is plenty to photograph. With some of the smallest, local and regional bands you might […]

This image comes under the heading of, “shows you what I know.” Or, rather, just how little I know. This is my cousin’s band. Creole Belles. They are rehearsing in their hotel room for a show in Cimarron, New Mexico. At this point, it was sort of a reunion since I hadn’t seen my guitar […]

Music Sunday in New Orleans at my friends Jonno and Maria’s house. Once upon a time before the storm and before I switched to all digital capture, I made this picture on film with an M6. A Leica. Not a BMW. Jonno is a bit blown out in this picture, but he’s in the red […]

This is for those of you who think that I can’t make a “normal” photo – graph. This is five week old Ellie and her big sister. I photo – graphed them as a request from their mom, who was one of the drivers of the 1957 Thunderbird I photographed a couple of weeks ago. […]

It must be some weird fixation, but I like making pictures of outhouses set amongst big skies and open land.This one comes from the same place that I had been working — the Santo Domingo Pueblo. I’m not even sure that this is F8 and be there. This is more like F8 and stumble there. […]

I‘ve been photographing cemeteries for many years. I’ve photographed them in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. I’m not sure what draws me to them. Maybe it’s the artistic side of them. Maybe it’s some kind of spiritual thing. Maybe I’m just a morbid. At any rate, this image was photographed towards the conclusion of […]

I left the Tewa land and drove a little west toward the Cochiti Indian Reservation where I stumbled upon a small church and cemetery. The cemetery was pretty bland, but the church had a couple of interesting statues like this one of the Virgin Mary.