My post has almost nothing to do with the image, except that it’s a new image of a run down old motel on Central Avenue in Albuquerque which makes it one of the Route 66 motels. I happen to like the cloud formation. It is also the last of my urban views series for now. […]

The bar that ac – companied this sign used to be across the street from the rail yard I wrote about yesterday. The bar is closed. But the sign remains. Like so much of New Mexico, metal scrap hangs around forever because with the low humidity it just doesn’t rust. Driving anywhere in the state […]

Trains were trains and the ATSF ruled the Southwest. They owned one of the biggest engine and car maintenance shops west of the Mississippi River. It was located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today, there are bigger shops elsewhere and the shop in Albuquerque has been abandoned for years. There were plans to make it museum […]

What urban alley bit of graffiti would be complete without a picture of Michael? I’m not sure when this was painted, but I’m guessing that it was right after he passed. Pretty nice work for graffiti, I’m thinking.

Meters. Not the Funky Meters from New Orleans. Electric meters in an alley in Albu – querque. What initially caught my attention was the mix of bright colors. What held my attention was the whimsy with which the boxes were painted. This part of the alley was a gold mine, as you will soon see.

I thought, since this is my 400th blog post that a little shameless self-promotion was in order. Well, not quite. I decided to do a little urban alley exploration. The problem in Albuquerque is that the alleys aren’t quite so urban, But, I did manage to find this sign in the back of a scrap […]

When you first arrive in the parking lot of the Thai wat, one of the first things you notice aside from the oddly shaped building, is a golden Buddha statue. This is but a small detail of it. It is Buddha’s hand holding a ball which is a symbol for infinity and connectedness. To me, […]

I wrote yesterday about one of the oddities in Albuquerque which is a full on Thai-styled Buddhist temple or wat. I learned that while the Vietnamese community is pretty strong in the city, the Thai community is not. So I asked the very obvious question, why is there a wat in Albuquerque? Nobody had the […]