A lot of people who talk about the redevelopment of Central City point to the Freret Street corridor as a good model. One that the developers of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard should follow. I’m not sure about that A dozen or so semi-upscale restaurants does not a community make. But, as a walk up to […]

Working is good for us. It’s what motivates us. it’s what gives us clarity. It’s what gives us fulfillment. So, “they” say. “They” may be right if the Buddhist monk is just doing the next thing that is front of him. In many ways, his work in this image just illustrates and old saying about […]

I thought that I would take a break from posting little collections of images and post a single portrait. For me, portraits aren’t the images that you usually think of when you hear that word.  Mine aren’t lighted in a studio. They aren’t overly propped. They really aren’t posed. Mostly, they are discovered or found […]

While I’m a great believer in change, there are certain things that I hope will never change because they are sort of touchstones to me. In Hong Kong that usually means small family run businesses that have been managed the same way for one hundred years or more. In these pictures, we see typical Hong […]

This is the last post from the collection of images called China 1989. This image was actually photo – graphed in Stanley Harbor, Hong Kong. At the time, Hong Kong was still a colony of Great Britain and would not really become part of China until the Handover in 1997. Even with the return of […]

This is another image from my time in Shanghai. While bikes are still a very popular way to get around, the coming of the car, the new subways and more modern means of transportation have made scenes like this one harder to find. You might ask yourself, did they not have cars in 1989? Of […]

I made this portrait during my last few weeks in North Carolina. This man was supposedly the last blacksmith in the state. He was one of those craftsman who could pretty much make anything out of metal. He worked in the most old school of ways. He used no machines, preferring to do almost everything […]

For a while during the 1970s,  I was photo – graphing a lot of music in The Bay Area. I shot first for the SJSU student newspaper, The Daily Spartan and then I freelanced for a lot of music newspaper startups. Of course, The Bay Area was just rich with local bands who grew to […]