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Blue Light

Everybody knows this place. But, they know it from a different angle. This is the famous San Francisco de Asis church in Rancho de Taos, New Mexico. Viewed from its back side, which faces the road, it is probably one of the most painted and photographed places in The United States. But, seen from the front it almost looks like just about any New Mexican church that is surrounded by a village plaza. The picture. If you make a time exposure in deep shadow that natural blues in the cold light will appear. However, I did enhance this image to make it look my mind’s eye saw it. Here’s the deal. When we make a picture of a scene there was something that attracted us to it. But, quite often neither a digital capture of an exposure made on a piece of film — remember that — can capture the scene as we remember it. That’s due to the limitations of chemistry, optics or even physics.So, I chose to help the picture along in post …

Living in the World

In keeping with the Lunar New Year theme, I thought that I would publish a few picture of Buddhist monks at work and relaxing. Buddhist people will tell you that they have to live in the present and to do that, they must live in the world. I suppose this young monk, talking on his cellphone and sipping a can of Coke, is doing just that.