Tiny Little Portraits

I’ve been photographing people for most of my career. A quick look at my history will tell you that some of my earliest work was published in the newspapers for whom I worked. Most of the images published in a newspaper are about people. It doesn’t matter what section of the newspaper that you findContinue reading “Tiny Little Portraits”


My mind is still in Shanghai, where this image was made. I’m a great walker. I think that’s really the only way to make “street pictures.” I was walking down another of Shanghai’s old lanes when I spotted this guy. He didn’t mind so I made his picture. Here’s the thing about him. In 1989,Continue reading “Watching”

Mardi Gras Indian

Since I added Apple’s Aperture to my workflow, I decided to go back through my discs — DVD and CD — to further catalog my images and store my images on a portable hard drive and on a cloud. This has revealed two things, one positive and one very negative. First the negative. Not onlyContinue reading “Mardi Gras Indian”


During the time I was shooting all that highly produced stock lifestyle and business imagery I would sometimes toss in a few little twists. In this picture,  the real shoot was a semi-casually dressed businesswoman doing her work on a laptop  in a coffee bar in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The French Quarter you say?Continue reading “Quirky”


I used to shoot a lot of stock imagery which built a pretty good earnings base via royalties. But, the industry has changed dramatically in the last few years and high end production shoots have sort of gone by the wayside. Now, the trend is to photograph non-professional talent and pay them little or nothing.Continue reading “Working”

South Africa

The first thing you are told when you enter South Africa is to be very, very careful since the country has a very high level of unemployment and, in fact, it has worsened since apartheid was repealed by government legislation is 1994. There are a number of reasons for this. But, since I promised to try toContinue reading “South Africa”


Every now and then I  experiment with different techniques and tech – nologies. My own shooting style really doesn’t allow for the patience that it takes to make HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, which are very, very trendy right now. So I started playing with different kinds of Photoshop plug-ins that will allow me toContinue reading “Artist”

Dreaming of Technology

Thailand is an over – whelmingly Buddhist country with almost 95% of the population being Buddhist. Next come the Muslims who are a little less then 5% of the population and are mostly located in the south. And, finally come the Christians, who represent less then 1% of the country’s citizens. So, it is notContinue reading “Dreaming of Technology”

Hey Mister

Hey Mister. Do you want to buy a pippa? A few years ago I was shooting a Lonely Planet book in Beijing, China when I stumbled upon this guy selling cheap, Chinese musical instruments. Even though I wasn’t interested in the instrument, he did agree to show me his wares so I could photograph himContinue reading “Hey Mister”

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