I wasn’t going to post this picture based on some of the response to yesterday’s picture. But, I like this picture. A lot. It’s not exactly fashion. It’s not exactly a portrait. It’s just a picture that captures the movement. I like the energy. And, I like the spontaneity. The model is a young teenager of 14 called, Layla. She and her mom want to break her into modeling. It’s a simple picture that was made in a loft-like building with great light so almost no lighting help was needed.  Post production was minimal. But, I did use on an OnOne plug-in that allowed me to help the picture glow a little. 

I photographed a young model about a week ago. The semi-selects are good. And, what you’d expect. But, I always like pictures that get beyond the norm or at least give the viewer some idea of what happens backstage or off the set. This picture was made while the model was getting made up.

So what did I do? From the start, I intentionally used a slower shutter speed to give it a little movement which in my mind made it feel more real. The yellow light is from the location. With that in mind, I didn’t do much post production to correct image flaws. But, I did add a lot to enhance the image to bring it more in line with my vision. I added a slightly grungy feel and I added a Polaroid-like frame. This gave the picture sort of an old school effect.

I like it. What do you think?

Yes. I met her as she was making pralines. It took me six years to return to New Orleans after the storm. When I returned I started photographing festivals as a way to get my feet wet and for me to start learning about the city since a lot had changed in the recovery after Hurricane Katrina. In New Orleans, almost every festival features a large food component. It doesn’t matter what kind of festival. Music. Art. Neighborhood. National. Regional. Doesn’t matter. There is always food for sale. Good food. And, at every festival I attended I found my praline maker. Oddly, even though our only meeting was brief and it occurred about six years previous, she remembered me. Normally, when I photograph people working, I try to include their work. In this case, I liked the light and the color so I made a portrait. Enjoy.

There were all sorts of  local semi-famous faces in the second line parade for Uncle Lionel. For those of you who follow New Orleans music and  know the name Neville Brothers, but don’t live in the city, you may be surprised to find out that they have a musical sister. Charmaine. She’s a blues and jazz singer who sings all over the city. Here she is as she walks with the parade. There were lot’s of other “names” that I’, sure that I missed.

No. I didn’t sneak over to Spain to photograph the real running of the bulls. Instead I worked in New Orleans. I made pictures at San Fermin in Nueva Orleans 2012. What the hell is that, you might ask? It’s yet another New Orleans event designed to get people out and partying. Apparently, there is not enough of that in the city already. The event was started a few years and has grown so big that the route was changed this year. I’m not sure why, except to say that the bulls and runners make their way through an area near the convention center and warehouse district that is relatively untrafficked at 8am on a Saturday morning. And, that’s good time to get ahead start on Saturday’s drinking and carrying on. You need an example? I saw a young woman in her mid-twenties taking big slugs from a pint of brown liquor at 7:30am. For breakfast.


There are the runners. They are dressed in white with red highlights. The look like a bunch of pizza cooks. Can you imagine maybe 5,000 – 10,000 pizza cooks in one place? They are chased by the bulls who are really members of the Big Easy Rollergirls and their friends from other roller skating and derby groups. Instead of a bull goring a runner, the girls swing big plastic bats and whack the runners on their butts. Hard.

This is one of those bulls.

Since I changed things up a bit yesterday, I thought I would continue with my ongoing seasonal theme of summertime. This isn’t really a project per se. Nor, is it any sort of assignment. But, since I carry a camera pretty much everywhere I go, I sort of document events and scenes in themes. Some are recurring and a little easier to photograph. Others take some work and some awareness. The real essence of summer life seems easy to find. But, it really takes some care to produce pictures that are just a little different. I reckon that after ten years or so of documenting “summer,” I might come up with ten significant pictures. I might not. This image seems to be sort of a variation of a classic. Children ordering ice cream. Of course, the ice cream is a little upscale and found on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

I enjoy traveling by train so much so that even when I’m not traveling, I sometimes visit interesting train stations. I really enjoy going to the main train station in Bangkok, Thailand. It is called Hua Lamphong and is in the Pathum Wan District of the city. It was built in and 1916 and serves over 130 trains a day that carry over 60,000 passengers. At least, that’s what Wiki says. But, that’s not the only reason I go there. It is one of the few large terminus stations that you can wander around freely and photograph whatever you wish. All you need do is smile. Since the station is wide open and has openings to the track so it is not air-conditioned. Either are the platforms where you board the trains. So, it is hot and very humid. Everywhere. I found this woman sitting on a bench on one of those boarding platforms. I asked her with gestures if I could photograph her. She didn’t care. Afterwards, I bought a couple of bottles of cold water and gave them to her. She cared about that.