How Soon Is Now?

Clear and clean.


his has been a nightmare to post. For some reason the computer crashed. I had to go into recovery mode which dropped all of my passwords. Of course, everything that I needed to load took forever.

WordPress, which is always a problem, got worse. Spell check stopped functioning and try as I might I can not load the proper version of this picture. I put a border around the picture because it was blending into the page. Do you see a border? I can see the picture with a border on my desktop, but WordPress can’t see it.

I’m planning that during the first week or two of 2022 to make a lot of changes here. My numbers have dropped through the basement floor. They are as low as the first day that I started. Obviously, I’ve either reached my threshold or my work just plain sucks.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll pick one of the three options, I’ll post every other day, twice a week or not at all. I don’t need the grief of fighting with technology that I never wanted to learn in the first place. I don’t need to watch most of my friends make good process while I spin my wheels.

I thought that I made and produced a nice picture. I don’t think that right this minute.


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  1. Please, don’t give up WP completely, numbers are rising and falling, it’s the pandemic and people seem to be less online, it’s also the very strange algorithm, sometimes I don’t get all the new posts of bloggers I follow because I fall out of the tribe and have to follow again, and I notice people following my blog disappear just to follow me again after ages, probable they experience the same things … also on fb, I just don’t know what really is going on … but still, please, don’t give up, WP has it’s flaws, but the people there, the bloggers, they are somehow a special crowd … 🧡 I would miss you und your colorful inspirations terribly. Best wishes from Vienna, and I hope we get through this terrifying time soon!!!!! Silvia


  2. I wonder if others are having trouble following your blog as much as I am? That would surely affect your numbers, especially if it’s a bulk action.That’s got to be a WordPress issue! If you want details about what is happening on my end, I’d be glad to tell you. But the bottom line is I can follow you for a month or so, and then you just disappear.

    I don’t see the border, but it is a really intriguing photo.


  3. Thank you. I’ve done this for a long time. I’m starting to fail to see why I continue. I didn’t tell you this, but we are kinda moving to your neck of the woods. We bought a farm in the Shenandoah Valley about 20 miles from Charlottesville. 82 acres, former dairy farm.


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