All fall down.


inally. A leaf that looks like fall, or at least, that it fell. Sometimes around this place you have to be patient. That’s hard for me. I want it now even though I talk about letting the picture take you. Or, I say to stand in front of better stuff. What if there isn’t better stuff?

Maybe you stand near the tree and shake it. As long as the leaves fall by themselves what does it matter?

It matters to me.

I guess it’s early career training. Don’t touch anything. Don’t move anything. Don’t arrange anything.

Then, Instagram creeps in. Need a graphic device? How about an umbrella?┬áNo rain? No problem. No wetness on the street? Don’t worry about it. If not, copy somebody else’s work. Derivative? Sure, but fake until you make it.

Now that Facebook is Meta (data about data) I’m pretty sure that Instagram will do something silly. Both Meta and Meta junior are trying to compete with Tik Tok by forcing videos on us made by us.

For me, forcing me into some meta verse will be the death of social media. It’s hard enough living in the real world. Now, you want me to live in a fake world?


Are there real fall leaves in the meta verse? Leaves that I can pick up and smell? Leaves that I can photograph?

It’s always something.