Colorful mess.

A unique approach.

After two days of clouds, I’m pretty sure that you are getting a little bored. So, I went the other way. I published something that is art for its own sake.

Sometimes you just have to do something for fun. Especially now, when 2020 seems like the devil’s spawn. I don’t think anybody has seen a year like this one. If only we’d paid more attention early on, when our top leaders ignored the whole thing.

My rule of when things go south everything goes south seems to be in effect. Little things, big things, plans, all seem to go awry. My photographic brothers and sisters have no work. Those of them who managed to get federal monetary support are watching that program come to an end today. They face bankruptcy, the possible loss of their homes and businesses.

There is a call via Facebook to do something, anything, to replace their losses in New Orleans. Unfortunately, many of those posting do have not viable idea worth discussing. They want to vent, and that’s good. They want to blame the mayor or the governor and that’s bad.

They don’t seem to want to address the primary core issue. Stopping the virus, or at least mitigating it, is essential to reopening the city, state and country. That may mean shutting everything — And, I do mean everything — down for about a month. Call it a vacation. Ask the feds to make us whole. That’ll cost a lot of money. But, it will cost more money and lives, to continue the way that we are going.

Even though the Facebook group didn’t come to any conclusions, I sent an email to the governor saying just about what I wrote above. We’ll see if I even receive a response.

Human Cost

Forget for a minute, the possible financial cost which is really what I just wrote about. Assume that everybody keeps their homes and businesses and ask yourself this. How are we dealing with it? Physically? Emotionally? Spiritually?

You’ve heard me go on. I’m sad. I’ve lost a lot of hope. But, I still keep walking dogs. One a bad day we get in about a mile. On a good day, which is most of them, we get about three miles in. We are out in the fresh, but humid, air and our Vitamin D intake is through the roof.

How about the rest of you? How are you feeling? If you are emotionally depressed, that’s fine. Just remember that was once emotional becomes physical. That’s much harder to cure. Spiritually, how are your prayers? Are you losing your faith? I’m not talking about a formal religion. I lost that many years ago. I’m talking about something much more primal than that.

While the photography group wasn’t coming to anything that even approached by a conclusion, we were all talking. That’s important. We talk to each other around here. Who are you talking to? Your dog counts. I feel better talking to Sophie Rose.

The Picture

I get it. You are tired of me rambling on.


I made a couple of pictures on our walks that I didn’t think were all that great. Most of my work these days isn’t all that great. These were below even that standard. I worked on them separately. I thought about layering them. I did that. And, the original version looked pretty good. But, you know me. More. More. More.

I used an app that made the images look older. I used a grunge app. That’s what caused all that fracturing and the hole that looks like a bullet made it. I fine tuned it, adding a glowing layer and I was done. The image was done as well. In more ways than one.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Enjoy the best version of yourself.