I never thought.

I never thought that by the end of the first term of this presidency that we would be left in complete tatters. I knew it would be bad. I didn’t know when we finally emerged from our bunkers that country would be unrecognizable.

Broken. Torn apart. People fighting for toilet paper.

Even if and when we make our way though the virus, it’ll take a long time to rebuild this country.

There are a lot of “ifs” to work through. An election has to won. The current president has to leave quietly, without claiming that he was cheated. Without inciting riots among his base. I believe the election is winnable. I’m not sure about the other hurdles. Even if he gets trounced, he’ll be hate tweeting until he dies.

Somehow, some way, we must take control. That’s if we don’t want to return to normal. That’s if we want to create a positive new normal. A little growth…

What’s riled me up?

Banning immigration in total. That did it. That’s not going to help control the spread of the virus. Nor, is it going to protect US workers jobs. That incompetent man in The White House has been gunning for this since he first started running for president.

Why am I so adamant?

We’ve all taken to Zoom to conduct business, visit friends and family, hold parties, go to reunions and so on. In the last ten days, I’ve been to six online meetings of one kind or another. Many of you are using it every day.

Do you know who invented it?

A Chinese man called Eric Yuan. He came to the U.S. after he attempted to obtain a visa 8 times. On his 9th time he was granted one. He built an app that has become very important during this time of Isolation. Today, he doesn’t call himself Chinese-American. He calls himself an American who happens to be Chinese.

Although Apple’s Steve Jobs was born in the U.S., his family immigrated from Syria.

Of lesser importance, but still very important, my grandparents immigrated from Eastern Europe.

See where I’m headed?


Even after pretty much closing our southern border, the State Department has very quietly been granting work visas to field laborers in order to keep the food chain working.

Immigrants of all stripes are important to the success of this country. I’m sure our forefathers all came from someplace else.

The picture. I just photographed the middle of a plant the gives purple flowers. It’s one way of seeing. I liked doing it this way because it looks like a firework. I told you that I have a big imagination.

Stay safe. Enjoy every sandwich.


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