Sunday Best

Like your Sunday best.

Easter Sunday.

A big day, today. Normally, Christians of every stripe pack churches on this holiest of days. Not this Sunday. I’d never thought I’d see the time when going to church could get you killed. This is one of those times. Yes. I read history. I know some things about the past.

While priests will say mass, and preachers will give praise, we’ll all be home watching the services on television, via Facebook or on the church’s own website. Other places, too.

I wrote a few weeks ago that this was like life during wartime. And, so it is.

We all make sacrifices. We all try to help each other while avoiding each other. We are all in this together even though we are all apart. We wear masks. We wear gloves. We wash our hands with soap in hot water. We use hand sanitizer. We keep our distance. Eventually, social distancing combined with all that I just wrote will flatten the curve. Don’t ask me when. Don’t get excited with today’s numbers. Don’t let your guard down.

The picture. My Sunday best. That’s how you are supposed to dress when you go to church. In your Sunday best. At least, you used to do that. Today, that’s been relaxed. Although on Easter Sunday, I don’t know how you could wear your best falling apart jeans and flip flops to church, unless that really is your best.

I made the picture walking to someplace else. The sun dropped just low enough to create a very high key scene, with a set of light streaks. I took the picture to the next  level in post production. Then, I got crazy. I took it to levels unknown. That’s all I did.

Happy Easter if you celebrate.

Stay safe. Care for others. Keep your distance. Wear a mask in public. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Enjoy every Easter Egg.


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