The ripple effect.

An eerie silence has taken over,

I can’t speak for every city, but I can for my home city. New Orleans. It’s quiet out there. For sure, people are walking, walking our dogs, making groceries, and running short to the point errands. That’s it. Take me, for example, I like to roam around in my car looking for pictures to find me. I haven’t done that since all of the various forms of social distancing were out in place. I enjoy that and quite frankly doing that shouldn’t matter. But, there is the guilt factor.

On the other hand, my gas mileage is wonderful. Three weeks to the gallon.

Most of the ¬†pictures that you are seeing were made on dog walks around my home. In that way, I can do two things at once. That also means that I use my smartphone more than I’d like. As I’ve written in the past, the files that it makes are 36.6 mp. Through the magic of computational photography, the files enlarge just fine. I’ve made very large test prints and they look good.

The picture. I’ve found a way to make the genre of pictures that made me. Pictures that make good use of motion. Pictures in which motion gives a picture a little more life. That’s a little hard to do with a smartphone.

Unless you are working manually, the phone tries to make the sharpest possible picture. That’s a big selling point… to the masses. I’m not the masses. In order to do this while the dog who sees things is on the prowl, I have to work fast. No problem, because that’s my working style. It also means that I can’t fiddle around. So the phone’s cameras stay on auto. I have to fool it in order to make pictures like this one.

You should try it when you are out and about.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Wear a mask. Wear surgical gloves. Enjoy every chimichanga.