Southeastern Skies

There it was.

There it was.

The sun was peaking through a slight gap in the branches of a tree. There were little pink blossoms everywhere. What a morning scene.

I did what I do.

I started to make pictures. Auto focus was having a very tough time with such strong backlighting and direct sunlight into the lens. I held my finger on the button. Sometimes  it works. Sometimes the autofocus function says “oh, no you don’t.” This time I did. And, it did.

A mistake.

That’s what I made.

A completely out of focus picture. It just happened to be the best of my quick little take out of about ten pictures.

I worked on it a bit in post production. Mostly, I brought what wasn’t understandable back to my eye. That was it.

Today is a really fine day. The weather is wonderful. The pictures are coming. And, in a spring of a lot of brand new music, Bruce Springsteen released a new album. “Western Stars.” I’m often a little cautious when it comes to any big musician’s new work. Often, it isn’t all that.

Not this time.

This one is so good. It reaches into my soul. I know words that I’ve never heard as he sings them. I know the melody. A lot of his songs are what some folks call “high lonely.” It’s hard to write one song that carries that feeling.  The whole album carries is that.


The record will arrive in this house soon. I want to get as close to the original master as I can.

A good day.


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  1. Well, first of all, the photo is a beauty, I think. I see a kaleidoscope with glass shards. It’s appealing!

    Now, “Western Stars.” I bought the LP an hour ago! I think it’s just exceptional, and for me, quite a departure, in that I’ve not particularly seen myself as a Springsteen fan. This album is different, and the funny thing is that I’ve had two other people comment similarly to me in the last 24 hours. Happy listening!

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    • Thank you. You know, I get a lot of pleasure out of documenting our culture. But, it’s the art to which I’m drawn. As a practical point, there is no money in culture imagery. But, art…

      I’m not either. I like bits and pieces of his music. But, this album… I’ve been calling the band, The E Street Workaholics. Nils Lofgrin’s new album is excellent as is Steve van Zandt’s.

      The album art on Western Star was photographed by a buddy of mine, Danny Clinch. He’s pretty close to Springsteen so they spend two-three weeks in the desert making pictures. It’s art… about as good as it gets.

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      • How interesting that you have connections to the album through the cover art. Somehow I just think that’s a nice connection. 🙂 I will check out Lofgrin’s and van Zandt’s new work, too. Thanks for the direction.

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      • I’ve been at this a long time. This, and the music side of my life. I’ve met a lot of people. Some have the same world view as I do… All three are very different work.


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