All in Magenta

Like a painting.

Oops. I did it again.

Another painting-like bit of post production. Yesterday it was a simulated Polaroid transfer. Today, it’s like a water color.

The only thing I know is that I’m having fun.

I divide my day into photographing documentary pictures and looking for subjects that might make a little post produced photo art.

As another wise old photographer once said, if I don’t do something photographic every day I feel like I’ve wasted the day.

I’ve been doing two photo-related things almost every day. I’m a very lucky guy.

That’s also why I post daily. Or, better described, why you see a daily post. That forces me to do something photographic even when I don’t feel like it.

It doesn’t take into account the music side of my life, errands, household chores, business work and all the rest of the stuff we all do.


Busy. Busy. Busy.

I like that.

I come from the old saying, that it’s better to be overworked than underworked.


The picture. It might not be exactly what you think. That’s why it got watercolored. Sure. It’s found. But, it’s not a real flower. It’s one of those sort of paper and silk things. It looked good lying on a parking lot pavement so I made the picture. I think that it looks dramatic on the page.

Aside from timing and where I am in the world, I try very hard to tell you the truth about pictures. My writing is honest.

As far as timing goes, I do schedule ahead. Usually no more than a day or two because I like to keep my words current.

My location? Doesn’t matter. At least I think it doesn’t. If we can work from anywhere in the world we can post from anywhere in the world. It’s also sort of a security thing.

I have a question. I talked about making photo books for Christmas. They’d be small enough and inexpensive enough that they could be stocking stuffers. Each book would be on one subject. I believe that the customer is king. Or, queen. So, which of the general subjects that I publish here would you like to see as a little book?


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  1. I really love the flower photos. But I’m going to think about your question a little and get back to you. You have a lot of interesting subjects.


  2. New Orleans, in general. Specific NOLA things, too, like the faces you capture in second line parades. Trees. Skies (including storms). Flower and nature photos (even though you say you’re not a nature photographer). A book that has one photography tip per page and a photo that illustrates it. Love, of all kinds, that shows in the faces of your subjects.


    • That seven books. I’m suppose to be retired. Between you and musical miss I have enough work for the rest of the year. You people. 🙂 The thing that caught my eye is a photo tip book. I can actually see the design in my mind’s eye. We’ll see.


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