Something About April Showers


Yes, indeed.

April showers bring May flowers.

This is what I saw yesterday when I got home. I really mean home. Walk outside and this picture found me. I didn’t have to do anything. Just marvel at it and push the button.

Then, I worked my so-called magic. I post-produced the hell out of it. I made nature’s energy come back two or three fold. I reckon that’s okay because I too am part of nature.

Which brings me to another part of nature.

I swore I wouldn’t get political on Storyteller. But, the women around here are steaming. Big women. Little women. The female dogs. Okay. Not them. Also, those of us who love and care about them.

Ohio. Georgia. Alabama. Missouri. And, in a few weeks, Louisiana. The last begs a lot of questions. We have a Democratic governor. I thought that we might be safe. Oh no. He supports the bill.


I don’t care what you think about the rightness or wrongness of the issue. Or, when you think a human being begins, this isn’t about that. And, that’s your business. Not mine. Or, anybody else’s business. This is about controlling another human being. This about about the ultimate patriarchy. It could be called a war on women.

In theory, I’m sort of liberal. Nah. I’m more libertarian. I think most personal things are between you and your maker. Not the guy next door. Not the state. If you aren’t hurting anybody, what you do is your business. To me.

That’s my soapbox.

About that comment. “Begs a lot of questions.” We live in a very blue city surrounded by a red state. You know what I’m thinking. I won’t go to any of the states who have done this stupidity already. But, what do we do? Here in the swamp?



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      • I didn’t know what to say when you wrote this Ray so many thoughts flooded foreword 🤓 first I heard my father and remembered before his death the stories he told me about democracy and his worry even before trump became president…my father always believed woman needed to be our leaders…he stopped speaking 10 months before his death but four hours before he died I told him trump had been impeached…and the look in his eyes I will never forget…his relief…I’m happy he doesn’t witness our pathetic politics…as we do not have one Canadian female premier in 2019…but I’d also love to hear his voice again he loved to talk politics…I miss that…always easy to send other people’s children to war…not sure what Bolton and the Saudis have planned….now I’m having a ginger beer and going on a dog walk….I do appreciate your narratives…and remember I can always find you a place here in Alberta ☺️💫👍

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      • I’m honored and humbled that my words brought your father into our conversation. I agree with him about leadership. Men are idiots and try to prove their manhood. Women don’t do that, but you are tough as nails if need be. I liken that to giving birth. A man gets a cold or the flu and whines about dying from it. A woman goes through the intense pain of giving brith and only yells at the doctors, nurses and maybe her husband or partner in the birthing room. 🙂

        Bolton wants war with Iran. He’s wanted that for 20 years. Because Trump is a school yard bully, he will poke and prod, but in the end run away. That said, I doubt there will be an intentional war. But, all bets are off for an accidental war.

        What kind of place? Seriously.

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