The Situation

An opportunity.

The photo caption says it all.

An opportunity.

To blow off the rest of the day.

So far.

The day started off bad. It continued to get worse.  There is only one solution. Reschedule everything. Even things that supposedly can’t be rescheduled. And, just give up. Go back to the place where I made this picture. Lay there. Fall asleep. Luckily, this place isn’t very far from our kitchen door. That’s important. It’s easier for people to bring me stuff. Something cold. Something to fill my belly. More cold stuff.

How bad is it? I almost can’t get through this post. The mouse and keyboard keep freezing every few keystrokes. That’s after rebooting the computer because it froze. I have no idea why. I put the thing to sleep last night. It woke up in a bad mood.


I’d better post this before I can’t.

The picture. Look all around if you are making pictures. I made this one laying on my back.

Think about that. Heh!


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    • Oh, I’m just massively jet lagged and recovering from crossing the dateline. That makes everything off. We’ve been lucky down here. Usually, by now, it feels like summer. Not for this week. Low 80s, gentle breeze. No apparent humidity. I’m doing well on the patio. Go make some pictures… that’s always good. 🙂

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      • 9 here and maybe so rain oh I’m so looking forward to see green 🌱 yes I did some playing with images too…you enjoy your patio…now I’ve got that song in my head 🤓😎💫

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  1. Started taking some pictures today while I was out on my walk — a hawk, and a tree against a grey sky. You and Hedy –and a pipe– inspire me to slow down, and see what I see.

    Now, if only I could get to some of the places I would need to get to to take some of the pictures I’d really love to!

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