Motion in New Orleans

Motion on Royal Street.

All motion.

For years I made a career out of pictures like this one. Motion. Movement. Energy. It wasn’t hard to do. About 1/4 second at f/5.6 and I’d make a picture likes this one. But, that was the film days.

When digital photography came into being sharpness was everything. That’s why mega pixels became a big marking tool. That’s why faster and bigger lenses became a thing. That trend continues today. I switched to mirrorless cameras because I liked their small size. The first lenses were small too.

Today? Not so much.

Lenses are huge. They are fast. They are sharp. But, they defeat my purpose for switching to mirrorless bodies. I want small. I want unobtrusiveness. I want to blend in with the people around me. For me, bigger is not better.


It’s been a long week. I’ll leave you with that.


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  1. Ray,

    I am amazed at how sharp I can get with handheld exposures at slow shutter speed like 1/5 or 1/10 of a second. I am really enjoying my Mirrorless Lumix GX85. It will take a while for me to learn all the bells and whistles that are packed in this camera.


    • New mirrorless gear…no mirror slap, and 3 or 5 point stabilization. Those of us who were taught to hold a camera properly and create our own brace have no issues. I started in 2012 with mirrorless bodies and I’m not sure that I know or care about all the bells and whistles. My baby Leica has been getting a workout. We are in the “land down under.”


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