New Orleans – Reflections

Seeing everything.


Sometimes they are simply a technique. Sometimes you see them. Sometimes you use them. Like I did here.

I like the picture in the mirror just fine. But, that’s not why I was looking at it. There’s a car coming. In front of that, there is a mule drawn carriage. I didn’t want to hit either of them. I also want to know if anybody is walking on that side. Good guy or bad guy, I want to know how to react.

Good guy because people walk all over the streets of the French Quarter. Bad guy because there are all sorts of car thefts, high jackings and robbery, done in the streets. Forewarned is forearmed.


All was clear except for the car and the carriage, so I waited by photographing what I saw. Since I mostly use wide angle lenses I kept the background and foreground scenes in the picture. A little context for you and me.

And, that’s the story.


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  1. I can imagine this being a possible scene from a Bosch novel 😉
    I finished the first book yesterday. You’re right, it’s difficult to read it in “bits” and “pieces” the story just draws you in. My lack of sleep was but a small price to pay.
    Upon more research, I see it is translated into my language as well! But most of those are out-of-print, and I prefer to try and read in the original language when possible, so I will treat myself to a new Harry Bosch book each month. Thank you for the book recommendation!
    (And apologies, this comment is complete off-topic…)


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