Sprint Suite Two

Layers of Spring.

Spring Suite.

Although there are other pictures waiting to be shared, you are seeing an image that I made last night as dusk was waiting. The light was incredible. I found a couple of places to make use of it. For now, this is the best of those.

The light is almost winter-like. Low. Golden. Pretty.

It makes this, and almost any picture, look great.

It certainly made me smile. Especially after a long and stupid day.

Let’s just say that the staff of a hospital has no idea what they are doing. A 30 minute trip took over three hours. Most of that was spent waiting for the folks who clear insurance, even though it had been pre-cleared by my doctor. It wasn’t exactly their fault.The senior hospital management thought it would be a good idea to lump all predicting procedures together.


I sat waiting for a x-ray with the folks waiting for blood tests, or MRIs or…. oh you get it.

Keep in mind my set of x-rays was driven by me. I haven’t had a x-ray of my hip or back in almost two years. I want to know what’s going on back there since osteoarthritis is progressive. My doctor agreed.

So, off to the hospital I went. The stuff that I described above took so long that the out-patient x-ray technicians’ shifts were over and there was nobody to replace them. I went to inpatient services where there were people in the middle of surgeries — er, procedures — and had to “play through.” Even so, that staff was professional and very efficient.

I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. They don’t stop with the series ordered by my doctor. They check their work and keep going until the make the right film. Sort of like me with a camera. Of course there is a little radioactivity to this. If I look at you for a long time, you glow. Heh, heh.

I bet most of you have stories like this. At least, those of you who live in the United States. For a major first world country, our healthcare is primitive at best. Usually, the word sucks covers it. I have to wonder what happens if you really need the emergency room. Do the guys who make sure you have insurance talk to you while the doctor is using heart paddles to try to save your life? If it doesn’t clear, do the tell the doctors to turn off the juice?


Anyway. We are having a coolish, bright and colorful spring day. I’d better not waste it with trips through bureaucracy.


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  1. It’s no wonder we put off seeing doctors or stepping up for procedures that can be avoided, at least temporarily. I recently used the word “gruesome” when describing a friend’s hospital experience. Your beautiful photo is a nice counterpoint to the stress of the day described!

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    • I hate doing anything medical. Systems are terrible. Support people don’t know what they are doing. And, now there are new Federal guidelines for pain medications that do more harm than good. I’d rather just lay on and island and leave the planet when it is my time.


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