Faster Than Me


Too much.

Either I’m working much slower, or I’m working much more. Or, both. Either way, I can’t seem to keep up on my posts. While I’ve edited and processed my raw files, I’ve got a long way to go until they are ready to be seen.


This is an image that I made on my phone, with the intent of posting it to Instagram. I like the picture just fine. In fact, I like it a lot. It just wasn’t my thinking to post something on Storyteller that I captured quickly via phone.

No worries.

One parade today. The Krewe of Barkus. The dog parade. Yes. The hounds in this house like to go even though we are no longer krewe members. I like to photograph dogs and their people so it works out just fine. I’m not sure how far we’ll walk with the parade as it winds through the French Quarter. Wall to wall people, except the center of the street where the dogs and their people walk.

You know what I wrote about crowds. And, me.

No matter. There is plenty to see and photograph without getting squashed in the Quarter.

My plan — yes, I have one — is to finish the edit of about 900 pictures and get them ready for you and my agencies, who need a specific kind of picture. I’ll do this tomorrow after the dogs on parade.


This picture was easy. See it. Check its reflection. Try to stay out of the picture. (I didn’t succeed.) Push the button. It’s almost like two pictures for the price of one. It helps to have multiple tuba players with well polished instruments.

Happy Mardi Gras.



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    • What you are missing is probably old school terminology. When I say edit I mean culling and developing. Developing for me is pretty much automatic. I use Photo Mechanic, which was developed for photojournalists who have tight deadlines. For final processing I use OnOne. That takes time, but I don’t finish everything. Figure something like .003% so maybe around 30 pictures. That better? πŸ™ƒ

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  1. I’m not that kind. I teach by leading. And, I mean what I say. Those pictures are very good. Of course you have more to learn. So do I. I will say this about that, in my Richard M. Nixon voice. πŸ™‚ Do you remember when you asked about Annie Lebovitz? You are getting from me about what you would have gotten from her. Not much about gear and technique unless you ask. But, a lot of philosophy and photo thought. πŸ™‚


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