Grand Experiment

Like someplace else.

An experiment.

I play around like this every now and then. I make pictures in post production by stacking two or more images. I looked at the picture in yesterday’s post and decided that I wasn’t quite done with it.

I worked on one of those pictures where I pointed the lens up to the sky while framing it with bare tree branches. When I was fairly happy with the results, I added yesterday’s seed pod picture. I placed it in the background and away I went.

You are looking at the result. This was inspired by a burst of creativity. Or, by sheer boredom. I’ll get back to you on that one.

What I really did was take another break from reality. I turned off the news. I only responded to tweets about art. Same with Facebook. Today, when I returned to my usual haunts, I found that nothing had changed. Twitter is still a house of horrors. Facebook is boring because the usual suspects keep posting the usual things. I am enjoying my new NGS connection. People talk about pictures there. They offer constructive criticism. And, they are kind.

I think that’s where you’ll see more of me in the future. Of course, I live here. At Storyteller. On WordPress. And, a little bit on Instagram. These places are interesting. And, they are still fun. Kind of.

In rethinking my rethinking, I came up with an internal question. How much social media is too much social media. The wise folks who claim to know something about building followers say that you should tweet about once an hour. They say that you should post at least five times a day in Instagram. Same with Facebook. I don’t use any others, but I imagine that it’s about the same on all the rest.

If that’s true, I’d better hire somebody to do this. I have other things to do. Like make pictures for all of those places, for clients, and for me. Then, there’s the personal stuff… the really important stuff.

I don’t think that I’ll be hiring anybody soon. It’s important to get my work seen. But, still.

That’s my ramblings for today. I’m not sure why this occurred to me after almost eight years, but thanks for being here. You are a big reason that Storyteller still exists.

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