They All Danced For Us

The bands support the first liners.

Here they come. From out of two doors. Hitting the street in all their finery.

They dance. They chant. They sing.

It’s a second line. It’s one of the biggest during second line season. Six divisions. Small krewes blended in with the main one. It’s a celebration. For some people, even for some photographers, this is really the only second line that matters.

The pictures. Normally, I kind of experiment. With about 47 second lines during the season, there is plenty of room for mistakes. I learn from them. But, not on this day. It’s just pure f 8 and be there. I try to make the very best pictures of what I saw.  I don’t do much in post production. I am just your eyes on the scene.

Singing and dancing.

A little housekeeping.

I was reading another blog by a guy who is really in tune to growth. He hasn’t been blogging quite as much, which from my point of view is a good thing. He would post maybe 5 or 6 times a day. That’s too much for me. I tend not to read them or change my settings to weekly.

He said his numbers are dropping way down. More daily posts seem to equal more engagement.

Before you say it, numbers do matter if your blog is part of an overall business. I want as many people as possible to see my work for obvious reasons.

Guess what?

My numbers are way down too. And, I haven’t changed anything. I post once a day, every day. I won’t come anywhere near close to last years total viewers. I’ll likely be down by as many as 15,000 sets of eyes. For me, that’s a lot. I’m not talking about followers via email or through Reader. I’m talking about the numbers of people who actually looked at my work after subscribing.

That’s scary.

My questions.

What am I doing wrong?

Have I become too predictable, both in imagery and text?

Have I not been active enough on other blogs?

Are people just moving away from reading long form on blogs? One former super blogger hardly posts on WordPress anymore, but she is super active on Instagram. She says that she earns a good part of her living there.

Do I need a format revamp?

Should I take a break?

Or, the hardest question of all. I’ve been at this for seven years. Do blogs outlive their usefulness?


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  1. My readership is nowhere near as high as yours, but I’ve noticed I’m down as well. I have no answers. I try to do my three weekly features consistently, knowing that sometimes I’ll fall down on the job … and some fun things in between. It’s so hard to know what people want.

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    • Thank you. The guy that I was talking about, fell from something like 600,000 to 50,000 readers in less than a year. That’s drop by percentage. I don’t actually try to guess what people want… that’s unknowable unless you studio the data closely and adhere to that. But, what’s the fun in that? 🙂

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  2. I love all the purple. The photo is so perfectly sharp and the color purple just adds to the interest.

    For those of you with professional reasons for maintaining a blog presence, I certainly don’t know, but I always wonder “what’s next” in line as possibly this form of writing and sharing takes a back seat.

    I enjoy your blog a lot. I first visited for your beautiful photography and then particularly enjoyed learning a little bit about New Orleans. But added to the photography, I like that you interject personal feelings and opinions, offering something of yourself in both a little information about your artistic process while also adding thoughtful viewpoints on aspects both cultural and political. I don’t think it’s either too much or not measuring up. But I do think there are fewer people blogging and I don’t know what’s happened to quite a few people I used to regularly read and enjoy. I’d guess there are easily 30 people I enjoyed who have over the last two years totally stopped blogging. If people are backing away from their own blogs, apparently they also aren’t reading others. I do wonder if people, in general, have become information oversaturated and are perhaps completely overwhelmed. Kind of makes me sad…even if I stopped blogging entirely I’d still want to continue “visiting” my favorites.

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    • Thank you. The picture, new cameras make it almost impossible to take a soft picture. Of course, sometimes they focus on the wrong thing. 🙂

      Thank you for the nice comments about Storyteller. I have some theories about all of this since I’ve been talking to a number of people. Many people blog for a purpose — to sell something, to document a journey; physical or emotional, or because they think they can build a big audience for some reason. They drop out when they are done or frustrated.

      People are oversaturated. Some who I used to read here now only use Instagram. Personally, I find it harder and harder to read long form anything. I’m an avid reader, yet in the last year I can’t read more than a chapter of two of any book before I stop. Used to be that read have a book in one sitting.

      I also wonder if many long time blogs just outlive their usefulness. I look through my WordPress media and I see how I often I repeat my subject matter. Sometimes, I even bore myself.

      I’m working on some changes, but I don’t know if they’ll help.


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