Shapes and Shadows

Shadows make the picture.

Sticky days and very hot nights.

I’ve noticed that I don’t see a lot of my neighbors. There’s a good reason for this. Everybody is tired of our super sticky days. With the last storm, the humidity has increased to almost unbearable levels. I call it a four t-shirt, three shower, day. They stay inside where the air conditioners are working overtime.


So. I make pictures where I can and get excited thinking about fall-like weather. A time when I can roam about without feeling like I’ve been through the rinse cycle.

In a way, that’s what this picture is about. I saw it. It didn’t look like much the first time that I passed by. But… the next time, late afternoon shadows were encroaching on the scene. The picture turned interesting. Now it was ready. So was I. Yes. I helped it in post production. Everything needed to be deeper, richer and glowing.

That’s the photography lesson for the day. Be patient. I suppose that’s the unspoken lesson every day. You know. Study, practice, study, practice, study… that’s another way of saying work hard at what you do and be patient.


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  1. I am ashamed of how much I complained about feeling sticky today! LOL! What was I thinking? Patience seems to apply in waiting for fall weather, too. And I really admire your post production work. I love the color manipulation and resulting vibrancy!

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    • It seems that I’ve lived in weather like this for most of my life. Not just here, but in places in SE Asia and China. You’d think I’d get used to it. But, it is getting hotter and wetter.

      I’m someone who believes that the negative (digital file)is just a starting place. Of course, if I was a photojournalist I wouldn’t touch the file in post production.


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