And, Then There Was…

One moment of many.

… This Day. What a day.

Louis Armstrong’s birthday second line is a wonder to behold. Just about every cultural group sends somebody to represent them.

This is one of the rare occasions that you can see social and benevolent societies, brass bands, Mardi Gras Indians, Mardi Queens, a couple of Baby Doll krewes, a Catholic priest or two and a Japanese jazz musician who came from his homeland to play at The Satchmo Summer Fest and walk on our old streets… all at one time. In one place.

It was good. It was colorful. And, it was hot. And humid.  By the time I was done and home, my clothes were not a little moist. They were as wet as if I had stood in a rain storm. Even that felt good. That kind of sweat sort of makes me peaceful. Besides, that’s what washing machines, dryers and showers are for.

So, here’s the deal.

I’ll start with this picture of Mardi Gras Indian Queen Mirlene. That’s just for today. Over the course of the next couple of days, I’ll publish little portfolios of what I saw.

There are two reasons for this.

I’m tired. And, peaceful.

Once again technology is not my friend. Actually, it’s the latest upgrade of OnOne that’s not my friend. I’m pretty convinced that it is designed for the advanced hobbyist photographer who takes a bunch of pictures, develops a couple of them and works on them one at a time.

It isn’t for someone like me who needs to cull, develop, process maybe 50 or so large file images and do all the work of sizing, converting from one file to another and so on. My RAW files are 96 gigs. That’s not the biggest. But, big enough.

I know when I call the tech folks at OnOne tomorrow, they are going to disagree and suggest my computer is underpowered.


Near as I can tell, the only photo/design software that is built for industrial use is an Adobe product. Like Photoshop. Or, Lightroom.

I had a good take. I won’t be denied.


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  1. Nice image!
    I use Lightroom Classic CC and I’m quite happy with it. I’m doing what you’re talking about with lots of images and culling and processing. I only publish one, rarely two images a day but I’ve processed a lot more of other jobs. I’ve never tried OnOne since I’m happy with Lr. I also use Luminar occasionally.

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    • Thanks, Tim. I’ve been trying to move away from Adobe products for a couple of years. I think they probably are the gold standard, but I don’t like paying $10 a month forever. What I did today is start reusing PhaseOne, which is about as high end processing as it comes, without going into the esoteric gear that Hollywood film guys use. It’s really built for high end studio guys (The guys who tether their production via a computer) and is really expensive. But you can get a fully functioning version of it for free if you use Sony cameras, which I do. It is flawless. I’ll continue to use OnOne for finishing… a picture at a time.


  2. If anything, today’s work has gone a lot faster. One thing that is easy to do on PhaseOne is grouping images that need similar development, push a button once you sorted out what you need, and away I go… to another coffee or something. 🙂


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