Dusk’s glow in post production.


That’s life. There’s always choices. Move forward. Lag behind. Stay in one place.

How much is too far? Not enough? Just right?

Sort of like the heat in porridge.

I play with my pictures all the time. I move in one direction. I change my mind. I go back. I go beyond back. Funny thing about this image. I originally wanted something sort of flat and blue-gray. Somehow, I worked my way toward the top image. Then, I worked backwards. Along came the bottom image.

I’d ask you which picture you prefer, but everybody wants to play nice. You’ll say something like both of them for different reasons. Okay.


Instead, if you decide to answer, I want to know how each picture makes you feel. What comes up for you when you look at them apart and together?

Flat and blue. Another view.