Another view or the electric meters.

I think that I’ve circled around. I made another version of this picture on a different day. The last time I did this I turned the meters into junk via heavy post production. This time I used a template that I used for something more natural like a flower. I was surprised at how well it worked on something industrially manufactured.

We’ve been talking about the bleak state of the world driven by what appears to be a mad man  who seems bent on destroying all that is good. I need a short break from all of that. This is no sprint. This is a marathon. If you run full-out, you’ll burn out.

So, I’ll leave you with this bit of federal stupidity. Toddlers are being forced to stand in the court box by themselves.  If you’ve ever known a toddler, when is he or she going to understand it, let alone comply? So, for the first day, a toddler let himself out of the box and climbed on a table. Go, baby boy. You show ’em how things are done. Your way.