The Dance

Looks like dancing flowers.

Dancing flowers and a dog walk.

I was a little late to this place. Still there was a little spring color left to catch my eye. It took some work, in the field and in post production, because this group was a little out of reach for my smart phone. If I actually got serious about iPhoneography I’d probably buy some little bitty lenses. I’m not really interested in doing that for two reasons. I still see my iPhone as a sketch pad. And, with every upgrade of a phone comes the needed upgrade for everything else.


Back to the news of the day.

The man who would be king sort of fell apart. Between having being forced to back track with his almost meaningless agreement to stop separating young immigrant children from their parents and having to deal with his own political party who can’t agree on anything, he sort of slipped into a stream of consciousness set of comments that started with his usual nasty tweets and stopped with a speech. Apparently, it’s all the Democrats faults. This, despite having no control of either house of congress. He is angry because he can’t bully a few Democrats into voting his way on anything.

Well, bully for them, I say.

There is a big difference between anger and madness. He’s mad. And, all that it implies.

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