Into the Deep Blue

It was the sun.

Back to it. Back to things I see as I roam about.

Or, I could just call this who is supposed to clean this pool? Actually, what caught my eye was that mushy white dot located in between the handrail, which is something new. The dot is the sun reflecting off the blue water. It was poking through some light cloud cover.

That’s the story of the picture. I saw it. I made it. I developed it. I manipulated it. And, I posted it.


I was wandering around looking for more junk. I found some. But what I really found sort of made me sick. Trash. Strewn everywhere. And, given that I just read a National Geographic Online piece about deep divers finding plastic bottles in the Marianas Trench, the deepest place on earth, I think I found my crusade.

Let’s face it. All politics aside. Every ism aside, if we keep trashing this planet, pretty soon we will not have a place to live. Our piles of trash will get flooded by rising seas and we’ll all steam in higher temperatures. Won’t that smell great? Steamed soggy trash. With all that steam, our wrinkles will go away. So will we.

Stay tuned.


  1. I can remember when there was outrage as we Americans learned that caning was meted out for littering in Thailand. I can’t condone such a violent response, but it does highlight an extreme contrast to our almost total disregard for “trashing” where we live. I walk and hike quite a bit and dodge discarded baby diapers and pet waste strewn along natural pathways. Straws, plastic and food containers are almost an accepted byproduct of urban living. It’s hard to imagine the lack of consciousness, but I do appreciate your highlighting the issue. And I’m also glad you explained that the white blog was just sunlight. Anything referred to as a ‘blob’ could be a little disconcerting!

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    1. Having traveled and worked a lot in SE Asia, I can tell you that Thailand is a trash hole. Bangkok’s streets look about like New Orleans’ streets. I think you mean Singapore. But, even there, it takes a real serious violation to be caned. And, you really have to push it. If you recall way back during the Clinton era there was an American student who was getting caned for some violation. Clinton asked once for mercy and let it go. Why? I knew a teacher at The American School there. He was in her classes. He was a little criminal. She said that by Singapore law her deserved much worse.

      This lack of concern has got to end. If you download Google Earth which is satellite images of earth and follow the known ocean flows, you don’t have to magnify the ocean too much to see the streams of plastic floating around the earth. And, likewise, the polluted/nuclear material coming from Fukashima, Japan where the nuclear reactor melted down. It follows from Japan to our northern coast.


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