More Like Clouds

Something in the air.

As I continue on…

The series is about trees. Often, it is about the clouds that are the more dominant feature. This is one of those times.

I’d like to say that it is my radical vertical crop that it making these clouds look they are vertical too. It isn’t. The crop follows the line of the clouds. That’s what drew my eye to the scene.

Of course, I made the picture my own. It’s soft. Glowing. Has a like pinkish light in it. That’s how I saw it. That’s what I did in post-production to help you see it the way that I did.

These days, it seems, that I am fascinated by trees. And, clouds. In general, observing nature. That’ll change. For instance, as I was driving down what I call the St. Claude corridor, I was amazed to see how much street adorned the buildings. They were paintings, not tagging. Some were truly stunning. Others were merely beautiful. I saw one of the artists at work. I made a mental note to go back and document the street.

The picture. I already told you what I did to show you how I saw the picture. The basic method of photographing never really changes. See it. React. Push the button. Photograph the subject. Don’t capture it.

I’m going to keep discussing photograph rather than capture. Make rather than take. Think of it this way. If I photographed you, would you want to be captured? If you are captured, take implies being taken somewhere… like jail.



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