Super Sunday No. 1

Listening to her Big Chief sing.

You could say that I’m confused.

I have three fairly important shoots to show you. Where do I start? How do I start? I did the easiest thing. I cherry picked for today. I haven’t had time to curate, let alone develop, and finish the images that I made this weekend. I just picked a picture that I like to show you.

Call it a teaser.

This is mostly what you could call a street portrait. But, it’s more. She’s listening to her big chief sing. She was standing on a short stage with Big Chief John and a couple of others. I was working slightly below her. Pictures made at this angle often have a majestic look to them. This one certainly does.


There will be lots more pictures coming this week. I’m pretty sure I’ll run into next week when Easter Sunday images will be current. There are the big French Quarter parades and an Easter second line way, way Uptown.

At least I have a schedule. Of sorts. It’s funny. I’m trying to move towards the more artistic work like I published yesterday. Cultural events seem to be getting in the way. I suppose that’s good. Depending on how you look at it.

Oh. I have yet to experiment with culture and turn it into art. Somehow that seems sacrilegious.


      1. Thank you Tim. This really isn’t all that health-related. It’s just about recovery time. Keep in mind that between the two days, I walked about 13-14 miles. Half of that on one day is hard enough. Two days in a row, well, that’s a whole other matter.


      2. If I’m going to photograph this stuff I kinda of don’t have a choice. Besides, you’re gonna meet my friend Spyboy Dow tomorrow ate the funeral. After back surgery, hip replacement, shoulder surgery and more, he finally stopped wearing his hood. Between the suit and hood, he carried about 125 pounds for the same distance that I walked. As. Eli Young once wrote, “the thing that makes you who you are will kill you in the end.” 🤦‍♂️🎹📷⚜️


      3. Well Ray, it appears that you’ve found the person that’s worse off but says, “Why not.”

        Yes, I too believe that what you do will kill you in the end. That appears rather universal. It’s good to follow because it can be avoided. A self fulfilling prophecy.
        I’ll look forward to the images and story of the funeral. Oh, one additional thing. Have a good time.

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      4. How do you avoid it? The only way to avoid it, is to stop doing what makes you who you are.

        Look at two great musicians; Tom Petty and Prince. They both made live music in horrible pain. That’s what drove them. The died trying to get pain relief.

        I would be nice to just switch gears. But… 🙂


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