Coming out.

A big night. A huge night. A colorful night.

St. Joseph’s Night.

It is a traditional night. A time when the streets all over the city are filled with Mardi Gras Indians. Uptown. Downtown. All around town.

For some people, like me, it’s the first time seeing the new 2018 suits even though they make their first appearance on Mardi Gras Day. Normally, I would have seen most of them on Super Sunday which is usually held on the Sunday before St. Joseph’s Day (and Night.) But, it rained. Or, so the weather folks said. There was rain early in the morning. That was about it. The Indians take no chances. The finery you see in this picture would be easily destroyed in rainy conditions.


This is sort of a teaser.

I was very, very lucky last night. I made a number of good images. That’s hard, working in the dark stumbling over our potholed streets in a large crowd of people who want to get as close to the Indians as possible. I’ll show them to you over the course of the remaining week.

The picture. You already know what I’m going to say.  F8 and be there. Press the button a lot because you won’t know what you are going to actually capture. Don’t bother looking at your LCD to check. I think it breaks your workflow, but try doing it at night in a crowd. You’d get trampled even though the people around you will be trying to pick you up.

The most important thing about working this way, especially if you are new to it and it feels a little overwhelming, is to have fun. Move to the beat. Dance with your feet. Go with the ebb. The flow.

I’ll tell you a little secret. Most of you know about my hip and back issues. When I get going out there, they all disappear. It’s the music, the people, the sense of place that does it. And, from a more medical perspective — I asked about this — everything warms up, gets loose and stays that way until I cool down.