In The Hour

Mysterious way.

Land of the weird. Mysterious. Moody. Almost evil.

A place that you would not go.

Often, I’m inspired by book covers, or Netflix thumbnails for direct to video scary movies. I think that’s what I was working to in post production, all of which was done on my smart phone, using Snapseed and Stackables. My working method is simple. I do the first development in Snapseed. where I set the basic color, sharpness and mood. I switch to Stackables to do the heavy artistic work. I make a couple of versions. I select one and finish it in Snapseed.

What is the image about? I don’t know. But, they say that all art is autobiographical.  I certainly didn’t grow up in an evil-looking forest. I suppose that it reflects my mood. We are at a really pivotal point in my country. The more I learn, the more scary it becomes. I’m pretty sure that most systems are broken. As they say, “the center cannot hold.”

Here’s an example. There was an armed sheriff at Parkland. A good guy with a gun. He did nothing. When the police rolled in, they found him taking shelter behind a column. Yes. I know. It’s a horrible choice to engage the shooter. The sheriff might have been wounded or killed. That’s part of his job. The really big downside. He was suspended without pay. He resigned by retiring after 33 years on the job. I certainly hope he gets no retirement pay. I’m sure a deal was cut. Something like, “Resign right now and you’ll keep your retirement benefits.” His department is still investigating him.

By the way, I missed another way of ending gun violence. Yesterday, I suggested repealing the Second Amendment. That’s one way. It’s a long painful process.

A better, quicker way is to kill the NRA financially. They are the ones who are dancing with the Second Amendment and actively promoting more guns everywhere. Guns, guns, guns.

Already, the big car rental companies like Avis, Hertz, and Enterprise have ended any business relationships with the NRA. Banks and credit card companies are starting to refuse to do business or fund the NRA.

That’s why Wayne LaPierre, the president of the NRA, is screaming so loud. Their so-called Second Amendment rights are being attacked by kids armed with the First Amendment. He and is ilk are terrified. Their game might be over.

One more thing. Arming teachers is stupid. Since that idea is supported by the president who loves the NRA, that’s all I need write.

I’m sorry to have turned this into a political column. Aside from art being autobiographical, it is also influenced by current events, disruption and emotional distress. I’m not in distress. I typically get very cold-blooded and clear-headed when I have to deal with negative situations. I am very influenced by killing kids. Children who did nothing wrong. They went to school.



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  1. The last school I worked at, there was a student who put on a mask and held up a teacher in the parking lot with a fake gun. Rough neighborhood, 5k kids in the high school there. The student knew the teacher, and didn’t know he had a concealed license to carry. The teacher shot the student, ran to him, knocked the “gun” away, ripped his mask off, and was shocked to see one of his students bleeding out in the parking lot. Called an ambulance, saved the child’s life. I guess the student didn’t commit the kind of crime that would land him in the 2nd or 3rd tier “problem student” high schools in the area (there were freshmen committing Grand Theft Auto every few months, whom teachers couldn’t kick out, as it wasn’t the kind of crime that would get one bumped up to these high-risk schools).

    I wouldn’t want to be that teacher, and I can imagine stupid reckless kids pranking armed teachers into stupid panicked choices were they armed, widespread. Teachers wear too many hats already, and don’t get paid for them. Those rare former military who opt for a concealed carry in rough neighborhoods aside, the general policy of arming teachers is stupid and wrong on so many levels.

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    • I’m surrounded by a number of teachers. They are all in mid-to-late career. They want nothing to do with this. Their jobs are hard enough without having to take on the additional duty of being a cop. They bring some kind of after school work home almost every night. Now, you are asking them to learn how to shoot and then to train?

      Of course, there is another thing to consider. The act of killing another human being is almost impossible to do for most. The US Army takes 8 weeks to tear you down and build you up in order to do it in combat. Teachers, by their very nature are healers and growers. They are teaching the next generation. How does anybody with 1/2 brain think that they can even pull the trigger?

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  2. Yes, I was appalled to watch the news last night and see the Pres and LaPierre endorsing this idea of arming teachers. Maybe Trump watched Kindergarten Cop too many times, and thinks all teachers will act like Arnold Shwarzenegger, and that this would be really, really cool.
    What’s next – arming the kid at the movie theater ticket office?

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    • I think the only way around these clowns — since an amendment repeal is long and bloody — is to defund the NRA. That is already happening. The list of banks and companies who have separated themselves from the NRA is growing exponentially.

      We also must let the kids lead us. They’ve done amazing things in nine days. I follow a number of them on Twitter. They are intelligent and articulate. They are the next generation of voters starting in Nov.

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    • Thank you, C.S. That’s high praise since I try so much to make a picture about feeling rather than a documentary. I fail most of the time, but that’s how I learn. I’m hopeful that it’s starting to turn… if we let the children lead us. Watching big companies disassociate themselves from the NRA over the last few days gives me hope.

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