A little alone time.

Day number two of one night in New Orleans. A little more from the start of the Krewe du Vieux parade.

I suppose that I have turned events in opportunities to make my picture. Or, pictures. I really don’t have the connections to be in places that say “this is Mardi Gras.” Like access to elevated working areas. Or, working from a float. Or, even the ability to move much once I’ve selected a working location. That’s not about me. That’s about crowds, and traffic, and streets, and parking.


Maybe I don’t need them. If Mardi Gras is about people than all I need do is hang with the people involved in the celebrations. With a camera in hand that’s easy… I’m superman.

The pictures are what they are. Except for the bottom right hand one called “More Than You Know. ” That’s a special picture to me. Yes. It’s just an environmental portrait. But, I’ve been photographing her for six years. Usually, she’s going in one direction and I’m going in another. This is the first time we’ve actually stood in the same place at the same time. We introduced ourselves. Now we know each other’s name. I don’t know much more about her. We are both creatures of Mardi Gras. Usually at night. We just move on. With other real lives in the real world.


6 Replies to “Krewe du Vieux Part Deux”

  1. Whether or not you will claim being a writer, you are. These are awesome sentences: “We are both creatures of Mardi Gras. Usually at night. We just move on. With other real lives in the real world.” Pithy, concise, gritty, sparse – they’re like the written versions of film noir; “word noir”.

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    1. Thank you. Those days are gone, unfortunately. The industry and world have changed radically. Now, it seems, nobody wants to own or pay for anything. See any newspaper with a paywall. See Spotify for music. Or Amazon’s Kindle loaning library. Even picture books are on loan. For free. Makes me sad to think that I’m an outmoded dinosaur. But, facts is fact.


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