Shadows and…

A very quiet picture.

… me.

Shadows. Soft light. A kind of quiet. And me.

I was going to crop my shadow out of the picture. Or, at the very least, retouch it out. I saw it while I was making the picture. There was no way to take the picture without my shadow being part of it. That’s the key phrase, “Being a part of it.”

We are all part of every picture that we make, whether we actually show up in it or not. We always influence the scene in some small way. Just by being there. So, I thought why not? I’ll leave my shadow in the picture.

It should tell you a couple of things.

I used my phone. I worked close enough to make the picture almost become three dimensional. It was also part of a dog walk since that’s the time I use my phone.

The picture. Well… I’ve already said it’s an iPhone picture. My original intent in post production was to make the background as white as I could, make the leaves light green and the shadows really strong. That data wasn’t there. The light was too soft to support that. So, I let the post production lead me. I like this better than my original vision. There is mood here. There is a kind of mystery here.

You know what I think about all of this. Let the picture take you.


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