Cherries and Stuff

Cherries in the lot.

I have no idea.

It appears somebody finished their overly sweet drink and dumped the remains. I saw it and thought that it might make a picture.

I cannot tell you how much this bothers me. No matter what you may think of us, good or bad, New Orleans and outlying regions are trashy. There is garbage dumped everywhere. No other American city has stuff strewn around as much as my city. I can say that because I travel a lot. Sure. There are neighborhoods here and there that have garbage strewn about, but it is not over the entire city as it is here.


People get out of their cars and empty their collected auto trash into the street. People driving by just dump whatever they don’t need into the street. A lot of that is food remains. Do you have an idea of how that smells? Especially during the heat of summer?

It get worse. There is a guy called  Sidney Torres IV. He wants to run the city without actually running for anything. He runs ads against whichever candidate he doesn’t like. He attacks various city officials. But, he won’t run for office. It’s just disruption for disruption’s sake.

He’s the kind of guy who complains about a tiny club playing music that is near his house, while opening a huge club and making even more late night noise near other French Quarter dwellers. He claims to have a permit because his club was a church and they were allowed to play music back in the day. There’s a big difference between church hymns and some kind of urban music played very loudly.

But, he’s rich.

Even though he claims to be a developer, he makes most of his money from garbage collection. You’d think he’d care about our streets.

Oh no.

Not only do his drivers almost crush every dumpster they come in contact with, but they fling garbage all over the street as they drive away. When you wave down the driver, he yells at you, “to pick it up yourself.”

And, you wonder why New Orleans is a trash magnet. Nobody cares.

That’s my rant for today. Sunday. It’s another reason that I’m getting over this place. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to not being in town for the heart of Mardi Gras parade season. But, a thought occurred to me. Maybe I should photograph the aftermath of all the events. All the trash.

That might make a point.

It might not be fair since the city does a remarkable job of cleaning the streets after a parade. In fact, when Mardi Gras comes to an end at midnight and Mardi Gras Tuesday becomes Ash Wednesday, Bourbon Street is so well cleaned by morning that you would never know anything happened.


The picture. I saw it and jumped right on it. I did a lot of work in post production because the original picture is just too bright and happy feeling. Does this post seem happy? Nooooooo… it does not.



  1. that’s a strange option, to think that our garbage will be cleaned by someone else – near my place there’s a spot where people like that dump their junk during the night – even if they have the possibility of doing it at their own door, if you have something like a fridge or a huge sofa you just have to contact the city hall and they’ll collect it for you!

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      1. Why is it weird? Ever been to a music even that isn’t small and jazz-based? Or, a sporting event? Look at the stands afterward. People, in general, are pigs. That’s why event staffs hire clean up people.


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