A certain look.

It’s January 1, 2018. A brand new year.

A lot of people seem determined to make it better than 2017, which by all accounts, sucked.  Me? I make no promises. I have some things that I’d like to achieve. I’ve written about the ones that affect this blog. There are others. But, I’ll keep those close to my vest. They are not resolutions. Those never work. They are just stuff that I’d like to do.

I promised myself that I would get back on the streets. Hip and back be damned. I did that yesterday. I photographed the Lady & Men Roller Second Line in Central City. It helped that I brought some friends along. Since I wanted to keep my promise to them, I also kept it to myself.

Oddly, my aching and hurting parts stopped aching and hurting. True, I sort of toddled around being very careful where I walked. But, when I returned home I wasn’t in any sort of pain. It’s back today. But, it’s not terrible.

I also picked my pictures as I worked with new glass. A 10-20 mm very wide angle zoom lens. I’ve never tried to photograph a second line with something that wide. It meant that if I wanted to really frame the picture properly, I had to work close. I like that. But, imagine how close I was to her. That mattered. We interacted, which I think is important when I am working the streets.  I made about half the pictures I normally would. That’s a great thing.

Oh. Today. Even though it’s not the so-called Arctic Blast that you in the north are getting, as I write this at 10:32 am, the temperature is 27 degrees. Likely, it’ll stay that way today. For us, that is very, very cold.