Third Portfolio

In yellow.

The third portfolio. What the dog saw. She sees a lot. She investigates a lot. She takes me on long walks. Even when I don’t feel like it. That’s good. For both of us. She keeps my hurting parts moving, which according to that silly television commercial “a body in motion stays in motion.”  Something like that. Some advertising copy writer remembered his basic physics. Good for him. Or, her.

This is a harder collection to organize. I make a lot of pictures when I walk with that dog. Many of them are above her paid grade. Not really. They are above her normal line of sight. Pictures made of clouds. Or, of great light reflecting off of something. Golden, late afternoon light.  She doesn’t see that light. She can’t. Dogs see monochromatically. But, when she see me messing with my iPhone and pointing it at something, she stands there. Waiting patiently. She doesn’t know exactly what I’m doing. But, I’m doing something so she waits. How many humans will do that?

Looks like spring.

The end of the year. This week was the time in between. As famous baseball player, Alex Rodriguez said, “You don’t know what day it is, you don’t know who you are, you know that should be doing something but you don’t know what.” That was about right for this week.

But, the new year is coming. 2018.

Mostly, 2017 kind of sucked. Yes. Absolutely, I’m grateful for what I have. I’m grateful for things big and small. But, when I look at the bigger issues I’m watching my country be diminished by a man who can’t think. By, a political party who seems determined to hurt people like me. And, you. Sorry, I just don’t know anybody in the very top 1% of all earners. You know the ones. The ones who don’t actually make or create anything.

This isn’t a political rant. This is to say that 2018 will — in my opinion — be hard too, but that I have hope. I’ve often said that you can’t eat hope. I believe that, but with hope you can make something happen. Sort of like wishing for a miracle. In the words of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, “Miracles take hard work.” Combining those two thoughts is my way of saying do whatever it is you do, but do it better. Do it with intent. Make little things count. Make the little things add up. To big things. Change something.

I’m going to take a little break from Storyteller. No. Not very long. After all, it’s already December 29th.

I’ll see you in 2018.

At the dawn of the new year.


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