The End Of Christmas

Over and over.

You know how Christmas ends, right?

You start the celebrating on Christmas Eve. Maybe you attend some kind of religious celebration. Maybe you eat a Christmas Eve meal. Maybe you wait until midnight to open your presents.

Or, you wait until morning.

By about noon, all the presents have been opened. Some have already been broken. You’ve eaten your Christmas Day meal. You’ve released your belt. And, you crash on the couch. Maybe you watch football. With one eye open. Maybe you doze in your Barcalounger.

Maybe, sometime later in the day, you start looking for another meal. If you don’t eat leftovers, you want nothing more to do with holiday food even though you know that you’ll be eating it for the rest of the week.

And, Christmas — the holiday you’ve looked forward to for months — comes to a crashing end.

It’s done. It’s over.

You’re finished.

The last thing you have to do is take down the Christmas ornaments. But, you’re going to wait until after the New Year. Because you’re lazy.

That’s what this picture is about. The end of Christmas. The minute I saw a couple of reindeer down, a couple standing and a Christmas tree buried in deep shadow, I knew I had the perfect day after Christmas picture. It was luck. Photographer’s luck. As always.

Maybe it’s not luck. If you put yourself out there every day. And, keep moving. You are bound to run into something.

The picture. Well. It’s the usual. See it. Photograph it. I did a lot of tinkering. I came back to the original developed image. It’s not bright. It’s not shiny. It’s not glowing. It’s just sort of flat. Like the end of Christmas 2018.


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