Very, Very Green

Mossy growth.

Yes. Very. Green.

On the first day of winter.

I keep saying that our winters aren’t like the winters people experience in the north. The weather is different for y’all. Even when you cross the Causeway to the Northshore the weather cools down and acts a little — well, wintry.

After a couple of days of warmth, coolness, fog, rain, humidity and general wetness — all in one day — no, make that in an hour — we have finally have blue skies. That should keep the humidity down and with that, the fog and wetness should drop as well.

That’s the weather news from the swamp.


It did leave as with post hot-house conditions. The moss and ferns were brown and almost dead-looking a couple of days ago. Now, they are green and glowing. I didn’t help them. I made a little vignette to frame the picture, but I didn’t add color. I didn’t have to.

That’s the picture. And, the weather from swampville. Stay in touch.


  1. It’s so so dry here and the furnace broke last night at -25 but thank the service man who came to fix it and merry Christmas it’s a extra little bit of coin as well 😳😀 I’d love some lush humidity and green right about now 🎄

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