Run, Run Santa

St. Nick on the stick.

A simple Christmas decoration. Hung on my tree with some kind of care. Then I got to it. I photographed it. I tinkered with it. I messed around with it. And, away it went.

Somebody reminded me that all art is autobiographical. That’s right. So what do the two Christmas pictures say about me? No much. I’m just experimenting. My own color palette comes and goes. It is usually driven by my pictures. In fact, most of my post production is driven by the subject.

I do seem to be getting lazier. Many pictures were made on dog walks. These last two pictures were made inside the house. Not more than a few feet from where I write Storyteller.

I have an excuse. Southeast Louisiana December weather. It warm. And, cool. Humid. And, rainy. All at once. Who wants to go out in that kind of weirdness?


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